Who Says Cactus Honey Powder is Honey?

I hardly ever realized what cactus honey powder is right up until a number of people today started off asking about its benefits. A lookup on this white icing sugar-looking powder in the Environment Extensive Website reveals it all.

Many seem to consider that it’s a honey varietal from the bouquets of cactus that’s been processed into powder variety for the usefulness of use — just scoop and blend it into your espresso and tea like you would use sugar or creamer. This honey powder is not offered in this article in Singapore, but numerous suppliers of honey products and solutions in the Planet Wide World wide web appear to be to be carrying this products. Claimed to be all normal, this honey powder is promoted as all natural, nutritious to eat, and an fantastic sugar alternative suitable for the diabetic. And it truly is positioned as a brilliant ingredient for baking or drizzled on cereals, pancakes and waffles. On the other hand, I experienced all these issues in my intellect: How can it be a item from the bees when even the lightest-colored honey are not able to be colourless or white? And even if it is genuinely honey, what’s the course of action involved in building honey liquid into powder sort? Are any overall health gains compromised as a end result processing?

Main customers to the natural way assume it is a range of honey, the identify “cactus honey” is a misnomer. In fact, cactus honey powder doesn’t occur from the bees. It can be manufactured from the juice of a Mexico-native cactus plant termed Agave. Like maple syrup and cane sugar its juice soon after filtering is heated to take away surplus drinking water. The liquid sort is most likely a lot improved known – Agave syrup or Agave sweetener, which started out to look on the cabinets of health meals in the early 2000s. This plant-dependent sweetener is about 90% fructose, the all-natural sweetener located in most fruits. And additional viscous than honey, Agave syrup is not as aggressive as desk sugar in spiking our system blood sugar because of to its reduced-glycemic index.

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